The Grace Beanie

Hello crochet friends! I hope you will enjoy this pattern as much as I do! I designed this beanie for my daughter Grace so I am going to call it the Grace Beanie. The design is loosely based on a hat she came across in a store magazine (I love how crochet and knit things are becoming “cool” again). Here are a few reasons I LOVE making this hat….  

  • It works up so quick! This hat takes me about 2.5 hours to make, start to finish, maybe less but it is difficult for me to get an exact estimate of time because I’m a mama and to be honest it is a rare event that I can go 5 minutes without a minor interruption let alone a couple of hours (and that’s ok). 

  • It is beginner friendly! I really like that the pattern itself gives the feel of a star stitch but is really made up of single crochet and chain stitches. I also made the body of the hat in continuous rounds so there is no “seam” which is also (in my opinion) perfect for beginners but can be appreciated even by the veteran crocheter. 

  • No counting necessary! Just put your stitch marker in the first stitch of each round and repeat the sequence around until you have reached the desired length. 

  • The hat is also trendy! Even though it is a simple stitch it looks a bit more complicated than it truly is and has a more modern feel. 

Ok, enough from me! If you would like to try the pattern visit the link below to download the free pattern from my Ravelry site. Thanks and happy crocheting!!  

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