Happy Wednesday!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the refresh of the Cloud 9 Knots website. I hope you will enjoy the new layout, find it to  be more user friendly, and (this is the best part in my opinion) enjoy that it is now Ad free! You will have to give me a hot minute to get it all back in order but I promise I am diligently working on it. 

Moving forward I will be providing updates on patterns coming out and some of my freebies available here as a digitial download. I'm still working out the kinks on that so check back soon. 

I was recently reading a post from someone in my niche who was talking about the design process and some of the ins and outs that go along with it all. She mentioned that somedays she is bursting with inspiration and ideas and others she is frustrated on where to begin and takes a needed break. In her comments she noted that pushing forward helps to overcome those moments of feeling overwhelmed,  just taking one thing at a time. This is much needed advice for me today as I navigate the nuances that go along with running my business and work on skills that are a little less fine tuned than my crochet and design abilities. I'm learning each day how to communicate better with my shop visitors, how to share new items, how to see what my fellow makers have been up to, and SO much more. As I continue to grow and improve I value the feedback I receive, the suggestions that I get, and the true joy that I have when someone shares an item with me that they have made from one of my patterns! I truly love making and sharing with others!

Thank you so much for coming along with me on this journey thus far! Exciting things to come. Stay tuned! 


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