Sweet Summer Time

Hard to believe it is already the first week of June! Somehow the first of the month always sneaks up on me and I find myself needing to reset and come up with a plan to organize my time for the month. I take this opportunity to prioritize what I am going to design and set a few goals. I find with designing I tend to have a bit of flight of thought and if I don't have a plan in mind of what I will be making I may end up starting several items and finishing none. This also helps me review what may be happening over the course of the month such as holidays, birthdays or events which also influence what I may be creating and what purpose the items may have.

This month I'm going to be setting my sights on completing my Little Dreamer Baby Blanket pattern and design an amigurui animal to go along with the set. I'm leaning towards either a Desert Fox or Llama...? I'm looking forward to insight from my crochet friends on what they would most like to see. I am also planning on finishing a pattern for another plant I'm working on. I will have a sneak peak on that design in the coming weeks. 

During the summer months I would  also typically be organizing my monthly design plan around a bustling family schedule. Usually our summers are filled with little leagure games, track meets, summer camps, and vacations. In this unique year many of those things are on hold. While this has been a little disappointing it has also inspired creativity in all of us. We now have extra time to spend doing the things we enjoy both individually and together! We are creating backyard adventures, crafting, enjoying movie nights, planning themed dinners and more. 

I would love to hear from you on what you would like to make this summer and how you decide! Do you focus on fun or functunality? Email or comment below and as always thank you for visiting! 

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