My #1 Amigurumi Tip!

I often get asked by those new or interested in trying Amigurumi if I have any tips. One tip I’ve definitely come to realize over the years is that if you’re not happy with how it’s looking while you’re working it up chances are you’re not going to learn to love it later! 😜 So, three things I make sure I’m happy with while working on a project are:

☁️ 1. Color 

☁️2. Placement 

☁️3. Details. 

Take your time and make sure you have things where you want them. This is a lion I’m working on now. It took me 3 times to get the ears just right. Trust me, if needed just redo it! It often takes me multiple tries to get something just right. Whether it’s the face on one of my plant patterns or the ears on a lion... 😉You can see the difference it makes in these photos!

Love the colors you choose and the details you stitch. I promise it will pay off in the end! Share your own tips in the comments!

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